Porcelaine - Ceramic cores at the heart of investment casting

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Technical and Artistic Porcelain
With an experience which started in 1870 in Arts, Design, and Technical, Avignon Ceramic has got a workshop for modelling..
We manufacture moulds and models for our own production and also as a subcontractor.

Production process :
  • Turning
  • Pouring

Porcelaine de laboratoire
Avignon Ceramic, previously known as Porcelaines Avignon, has specialised since the beginning in production of porcelain material for laboratories. Due to its specific mix structure with very low coefficient of expansion and also due to the composition of its enamel, Avignon's porcelain shows high resistance to any type of thermal and physical shocks

Refractory products
They are tailor-made according to drawings and technical specifications supplied by our customers.
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Route de Noirlac
18200 Bruère-Allichamps
+33 (0) 2 48 62 03 70
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